Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food Fair by Diego

Sometimes I think it's hard to branch out and eat at new places you're not normally familiar with, or accustomed to, when you're by yourself. I feel like it's easier to share new experiences when you're with good company.

This was my experience this past rainy Saturday at Food Fair by Diego. My friend Alene and I decided to have a lunch date and she suggested this location. She recently purchased a coupon from Groupon she wanted to utilize, so I was game.

Food Fair is a cute, quaint restaurant, for about 25-20 people, located in a mini-mall a block north of Farmers Market. Cute ambiance and lack of the familiar Saturday lunch goers, allowed for A and I to really take our time and enjoy our meals. There were plenty of delicious platters on the menu, but A and I couldn't take our eyes off the burger combo. So instead of branching out and trying something different, call us boring, but burgers were the feast of the day.

Check out this monstrous baby:

Cooked to medium rare perfection, simplicity is key. This burger was massive dressed with cheddar cheese, fried onions, the staple lettuce and tomato and a side of their in-house chips. No dressing was on this burger, but a side of bbq was plated in a tiny platter for your dipping pleasure.

Also in the background were the extra pickles A and I asked for, plated on a cute little platter of course! Plating is totally key. This burger was so tender and juicy, it didn't need the pickles, but it was nice to have them on the side. LOVE PICKLES! This dish is definitely a good dish to order if you're reluctant to branch out and be bold. Trust there will be a next time. =) Absolute meaty deliciousness! Mmmm...

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  1. groupon is the sh!t...

    oh pickles, how i used to love thee...then kyle ruined me from them forever :( tear.

    ps i hate the password protected commenting. plzzzzz get rid of it. i always forget to do it after i click "comment" and i think half my comments get deleted???