Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MTV Eats

Working for a studio definitely has its perks. I've been "in the industry" for a little over a year and a half now and I've come to really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into putting a production together. Caveat: I actually work for a studio rental facility, which means that people/studios/production companies come to check out our buildings and sets, then decide on whether or not they would like to rent the place to film or shoot at. Sometimes we get big budget TV shows or movies filming and other times, and recently it's been more often than not, it's been low budget, webisodes or ultra ultra low budget productions that film. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone has a right to be able to express their artistic abilities in film, but I just prefer the ones with the bigger budget. You wanna know why? Cuz they have catering...hehe...

I covet the words, "Craft services." It's like music to my ears. The bigger the show, usually means the bigger the budget for foods. MTV was here these past few days and here's what I captured in one day's eats:

This was actually the second half of my BLT with avocado sandwich that I ordered from the catering truck parked on the lot. The crew was in kinda early, but talent wasn't to arrive until noon, so this was served around 11ish and technically called "breakfast". Glorious, right? They had an amazing menu of anything and everything breakfasty written on this white board just outside of the truck. I wanted everything on it, but since I had already eaten a breakfast at home, I figured a lunch meal would be best.

Well because it was "breakfast", there was an option for pancakes. Again, I don't want to go into technicalities, but for me, this was lunch and so pancakes looked like it was a good candidate for a "dessert" dish. I know what you're thinking, "Man, lots of quotation marks." But you know what, that's seriously how I was deducing logic in my head. I mean, I couldn't call the pancakes as a breakfast dessert, or could I?

Anyways, I just wanted a little sliver and here's what the cooks came up with:

How sweet were they to slice up strawberries and then dust it off with some powdered sugar! And then if that wasn't sweet enough, I drizzled some syrup on this baby. Mmm...perfect last taste!

Finally, when the 3pm lull came around, craft services has snacks readily available. This consisted of an assortment of nuts, dried strawberries and mango, and then just for the pure salt factor, I placed some salami slices with crackers on my tiny, tiny, plate saucer.

See the pen beside it for effect? Well I wanted to demonstrate how tiny this plate really was. =)

Was it the best craft services I'd ever had? No. But am I complaining? No. Why not? Well, to be honest, it was free. Sad factor, this was considered "breakfast" and so 6hrs later the "lunch" meal would be served. It was rather unfortunate that by the time "lunch" was served, it was past 5pm and I was to be on my drive home. *Sigh*

Nonetheless, I am a fan craft services, so please keep them coming production companies. My belly thanks you in advance.


  1. Yes, that is a tiny plate... with a pile of food on top! :)

    Wishing you more craft services