Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the return of....QUESO

Just when you thought I gave up on lactose-full cheese, well here it comes again...I think it all started cuz of the buffalo burger. *shake my fist at you* Gawd I miss real I had some with a lot of lactaid pills.

Love them flax seeds...

Have your grandma stop and take at look at what you're doing.
Microwave that cheesy goodness.
Top with my garlic, black beans, corn and cilantro combo.
Then add the homemade guacamole y salsa AND Donezo!

I miss you real cheese...I miss you terribly.

Monday, June 7, 2010

TJ's Classic Buffalo Burger

I had this once and I really enjoyed it. So when I came across it at Trader Joe's, it was a no brainer.

Star of the show:

Supporting cast and crew: Also a Trader Joe's find. Surprise! This was actually from Fresh 'N Easy...along with the spinach:
How to:

  • boil water for the past, cook according to directions

  • some crushed garlic in a pan with olive oil and broke up the buffalo bad boy

  • added the mushrooms

  • when pasta done, add the spinach with the buffalo and mushrooms

  • toss with pasta

With just one patty, I was able to feed a hungry Ethel not once, not twice, but for three meals!

sidenote: I didn't read carefully and this had a bit of cheese in it...real cheese, not the lactose free, that's why it was so good. Really good at meal time, not so bueno after. woops!

It lasted one week

I'm not gonna lie, I've been a fatty since getting back from Coachella. I have not frequented the gym, or done much in the vigorous activity department lately.

The last week of May though, I thought it would be best to document what I consumed in my attempt to be healthy and fit again.

This consisted of scrambled egg and spinach sandwich on sourdough for breakfast, then I brought grilled chicken to make into a sandwich with a side of spinach and garlic potatoes salad.
(15min treadmill run and 30 min bike)

I had left over potatoes that I threw in my scrambled egg with some spinach for breakfast. Then brought stuff to make another chicken sandwich for lunch along with an apple and banana to hold me over when snack time came.
(15min treadmill run, legs, 20min bike)

I think I may have had only coffee for breakfast and then made this compo of asparagus, squash and lamb pieces with rice for lunch. This was eaten with a side of yogurt and banana for snacks and lots of green tea throughout the day.
(15min treadmill run, arms, 30min bike)

For breakfast, I toasted my sourdough bread and pan seared broccoli and tomatoes topped with a poached egg. Then I took the lamb that my mom turned into mechado and poured that over steamed broccoli and white rice. I always felt that some Filipino meals didn't have enough greens, so this was my attempt at remedying that.

Here's an up close and personal photo of the mechado for you. I made sure that there were extra potatoes to soak up that tomato saucey goodness.
(It was my last day to volunteer at the hospital for a while, so I didn't work out after...lazy)

I had corn that I needed to cook still, so I tossed it in the toaster over and then used some of it to put on top of the leftover homemade chix fried rice from the night before and scrambled an extra side of egg. For lunch, a salad was in order after the heavy rice breakfast and this consisted of the rest of the corn atop a bed of romaine lettuce, bell peppers and chicken. Lime juice and salt for the dressing.
(I did not work out again.)

Progress? Well I thought so, but it's been a really slow on the wagon/off the wagon process. Suggestions on how to stay on the wagon welcome. Thanks!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kuya's Brussel Sprout Salad

I made an appearance at Fresh 'N Easy the other day and I came upon a bag of brussel sprouts. To be honest, I've never purchased brussel sprouts before because I've always had it at restaurants or at Ate P and Ate B's place. Braving it up, I put it in my basket.

When I got home, I wasn't really sure how I would prepare it, so I sent massive texts to my sister and cousins for suggestions. My Kuya totally came through. His suggestion was to create a salad with the leaves instead of sauteeing it like I've had it in the past.

  • brussel sprouts
  • crushed garlic
  • mushrooms
  • nuts (I used pine nuts and walnuts)
  • dried cranberries
  • S&P
  • kalamansi juice (lemon juice or lime juice will work)
Cut the bottoms off the brussel sprouts to make it easier on peeling the leaves off.
Easy peasy...But not all the leaves come off all the way, so the leftover brussels, I saved and will use for another dish. Way to be green, right?
Beautiful and leafy.
Sautee the garlic with the broken pieces of mushrooms and crushed nuts.
Then add the dried cranz...I know it looks the same, but whatevs...
Then throw the brussel sprouts leaves just before you turn off the burner. Plate. Add freshly cracked salt and pepper, and squeeze the kalamansi juice and dig in! Refreshing, delicious and total Filipino mama approved. I dare you to try it, you will not be disappointed.