Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is for Porter

My friend Porter is a dear friend of mine that passionately loves food just as much as I do. We could talk about food all day long, while we're eating, when we're full and then talk about what we'd consume for our next meal. This is why he got along so well living with Ate Pammy and why he's pretty much part of the fam bam. The Sale cousins have approved that Porter's passion for food is equal to theirs and this post is dedicated to him.

Mexican has always been a go-to type of meal and I thought of Porter as I prepared my tacos. This meal initially started with my craving for guacamole, then I thought, "well I already have cilantro, why not throw in some salsa." After a good deal of snacking on chips with melted extra sharp cheddar cheese and guacamole and salsa, I figured the theme could carry over into my lunch for the next day.

I grilled two chicken tenders with some crushed garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika and S&P for lunch the next day. I packed 4 corn tortillas for 2 tacos along with two leaves of romaine lettuce. I also individually packed the guacamole and salsa in separate containers so as not to touch until combined on my tacos.

Here was the result:

Lovely, right? Oh and check out the side of flax seed tortilla chips from Trader Jose's.

Here's a close up:

The next day, I switched it up and had left over basa fish instead of chicken. The fish was also grilled with the same seasonings as the chicken, and to be honest, I think it was so much better. (Sorry no photo, I ate it before I could remember to be a photog...)

Mexican foods, easy and delicious! Es verdad, si?

Sidenote: My Ate Pam has a really good recipe for salsa that requires boiling of the tomatoes and easily blend-able in the Magic Bullet. Ate, do you care to share?

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  1. Aww... This post made me miss American living: the magic bullet, Trader Joes, corn tortillas, and of course - you and the whole family! Yes, many fond memories of food with Porter. Taco night was always a favorite in our SF household.

    Here was the basic taco night salsa:
    - ripe tomatoes (or canned whole tomatoes)
    - cilantro
    - couple of garlic cloves
    - 1/2 a small onion
    - jalapeno
    - salt and pepper to taste
    - lime
    - cumin (key to giving the salsa an extra special flavor boost)

    Everything was thrown into the magic bullet.. 10 seconds later.. a salsa fit for any taqueria..

    But, really Eric took the salsa to the next level and made several variations:

    1) Instead of ripe tomatoes, he'd use green tomatillos

    2) My favorite was guacamole-salsa: he'd mash up an avocado and add it to the salsa

    3) For a special flavor, he added the slightest bit of clove