Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

I immediately thought of this statement when I was plating this meal the other night. I had recently made purchases at A-Grocery, an Asian market in Echo Park and picked up some delightful treats. I had recently read in one of Elise's posts that she thought she probably found the last ever delicata squash in all of New York. News flash miss Rubia, they come a-plenty here in good old Cali. =) So with that in mind, I purchased 2 delicata squash, a kamote, and threw in a sweet potato.

Cleaved in half and baked with a little olive oil and salt/pepper combo, here is what the eats looked like:

Pretty grill marks, huh? Well, they're fakies because I used this pan with ridges that just happened to make "grill" indentions (and brown-ness) on these lovely veggies. Do you think that's what KFC uses for their "grilled" chicken? Haven't tried it, don't want to...

Moving on.

I knew I had to incorporate all these colors somehow, but I didn't know with what. Then my mama reminded me I had left over shrimp in the fridge and needed to be utilized asap before it went bad (or before she cooked it herself). Pan seared the shrimp with my fave, garlic, and then did a rough chop of some romaine lettuce for a variety in color. Shrimp cooked, check. Lettuce cut, check. Squash, kamote and sweet potato diced, check. I threw all the ingredients together in a bowl and it was an orange color explosion!

Well, I guess it's not as dramatic as I made it to be, but look at all the different shade of orange in that bowl. Sprinkled some salt and peppa, then a smidgen of honey mustard dressing for extra sweetness and I called it dinner. =)

p.s. I didn't know what kamute was in English, until just now thanks to the magic of Google. I guess it is another form of sweet potato or yam. What I found odd was that it wasn't orange at all and it wasn't as sweet as the orange sweet potato. Hmm... go figure.


  1. so what i TRIED to say here before was that you have definitely inspired my to do some faux grilling tonight...foreman here i come! lets hope i dont burn the apt down :)

  2. wow - so creative with squash