Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leisurely breakfast at Axis Cafe

Being in San Francisco with my sister always means eating well. That's what we do when we're together. We eat and do our best to be Ladies of Leisure. We achieved this by going to this cafe that Kristine and I often pass by and have been curious to check out.

It used to be rare to be out by where my sister lives in SF and have it be sunny and glorious. But now, it's been awesome coming up for a visit and I've been blessed with sun shiny rays every time. Axis Cafe is kind of nondescript when you drive by it, but inside it's cozy and very inviting. We totally could've sat inside, but the patio was calling our name.

Lady of leisure loungin...

(This may be a contender for new FB profile photo...LOL)

Notice that cup of java next to me, well it's a bit deceiving because when I ordered my soy macchiato with a splash of caramel, I was expecting a humungo cup, but here's what I got.

Tiny Dancer, ey? No problemo. It was still very enjoyable. Kristine had boring iced tea, so therefore, no photo...haha

There's really no branching out for me when I see huevos rancheros on the brunch menu. I feel like if it's on the menu, especially if it's a new place, it just calls my name. So you can guess what I ordered.

Square plate? Of course! And yummy eggs over easy for yolky goodness.

Kristine ordered an even better dish. She went outside the box and took to the tuna tartar immediately. Did it matter that this dish was under the "Starters" part of the menu? Nope dot com.

Lemme tell you, this tartar was bomb diggity! The hearts of palm make a huge difference in flavor. Probably the best tuna tartar I've had to date.

But wait, did you think we were gonna eat our well plated portions as is? Oh no, the Sale girls exercise little to no moderation or self control. Plus, since we're Filipino, we were taken when the waitress called the roasted potatoes, "house fries".

Beautiful! We shared both dishes of course, but it was tough to decide what the last taste would be. I decided on a baked wonton with a scoop of the tartar, but in the end, since we had potatoes left, potatoes it became. (Insert lack of self control.)

Does anyone else do the last taste? I totally started doing it because my cousins Pam and Bernie did it. I don't do it all the time like I used to, but when I'm out, I like to savor all the flavors of my meal and having a last taste lets me do that.

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  1. Ha Ha!!...I would've chosen the crispy wonton with the tartar for my last taste too!

    Great picture of you enjoying the SF sun..