Sunday, May 9, 2010

NYC State of Eats, err Mind

I had a blast in NYC! It's an amazing city and I was "oo-ing" and "awe-ing" at pretty much every turn, building, subway station and even drug stores...You know Duane Reade is kinda popular there. They're "kind of a big deal."

But before I go off tangents, I would like to say thank you to my fabulous NYC tour guides Elise and Kyle, not only for housing me for 5 nights, but also for an amazing first time NY experience. "Unforgetable, that's what you are..."

Walk through Central Park

We ate at Joya in Brooklyn after walking on this bad boy. Elise has the food!
Drinks at Boat Basin
More drinks back at E and K's
Then out for more! Sorry no photos there...

Sunday started off with brunch eats at Kingswood
Asparagus with prosciutto and poached egg...mmm...heaven when it comes to poached eggs.

Then a refreshing banana cashew shake from One Lucky Duck with cashew milk...sooo good...sadness no photo of the shake. (E's vegan-ness is totes sneaking up on me...and kinda like it...hehe)
Times Square...kinda like Vegas on crack minus the actual casinos
Eats at Blossom, a must see vegan hot spot.
This was the Seitan Marsala which consisted of sauteed kale, roasted fennel, yukon gold mash potatoes, seasonal mushrooms, pan sauce and it was just divine! This was the first time I had ever had seitan and let me tell you, pretty good! It had a chicken-like consistency and texture. Me likey!

Monday consisted of going to the MoMA and seeing Van Gogh's famous Starry Night.
Poor Elise, I kept making her inch her way towards the painting even after a security personnel had just shoo'd someone else to back off. My bad girl.

Then after that, I got another treat! Eating at the infamous Candle Cafe. Unfortunately, I have no photos cuz I kinda went camera crazy at the museum. So check them out on E's blog and she's got tons of other food photos that I failed to take or put here. Fail Ethel. Oh, but here's another vegan eats from Whole Foods...I could've been a vegan convert in NYC. Everything I ate was delicious!
Ok, skip to my 4.5hrs spent on Tuesday at the American Museum of Natural History and my final night in NYCizzle.
Strolled one last time through Central Park, then to Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Union Square and eventually for drinks and apps at Sidebar.

There had to be hummus...AND guac. Perfect combo!
Finally, after a few, I got dessert at One Lucky Duck around the corner. Had to try the oreo cookie and the mallomar...mmm...sooo good! This was the last of my vegan eats...good bye NYC, I shall return to conquer more of your eats!


  1. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Ooh... Ahh...

    You look fabulous - I love your dress.

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