Thursday, May 20, 2010

B2B stands for Burgers to Burgers

I swear that's pretty much all we ate last weekend when I was up for Bay to Breakers. First off, the drive up entertained a pit stop at an In and Out...My friend Chris and I inhaled our burgers and fries...Unfortunately, no photo was taken, so you can't tell how much of a fatty I was. That was burger 1.

Saturday actually consisted of a nice little bike ride to brunch. A repeat of Axis Cafe.

Burger 2 was actually only consumed by Chris.
This was a Bison Burger with a roasted garlic aioli sauce, port salut cheese, tomatoes and a side of house fries. No complaints from this plate.

Kristine had the Tiger Prawn Wrap.
This was a spinach flour tortilla with avocado, napa cabbage, tomatoes, creme fraiche and a side salad. Trust that the wrap was inhaled.

I had this to start my day, while the other two had coffees.

With that, I had the cod fish tacos filled with napa cabbage, salsa verde, guacamole and a side salad.
I licked my plate clean, it was so good!

We then made our way to our friend Lucy's to make our costumes. Naturally, when you're hard at work, you need sustenance.

And here's my costume.

Most of the crew in their gear for B2B. Front.


Pit stop after B2B at Magnolia's where we all ordered the burger, but I had mine sans cheddar. This was called the Half Pound Prather Ranch Hamburger.
Totes delicious and also burger 3, but not the end.

On our drive back to L.A., we made an appearance at Carl's Jr. and this was burger 4. Fortunately, we were able to hold out until only about 100miles left out of L.A. Unfortunately for Chris, my Jalapeno burger came with the cheese I specifically asked to NOT be added. Pathetic.

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