Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bday eats

For a typical Filipino birthday, you're supposed to have noodles. So what did my bday eats consist of...

Pancit of course! Here's a repeat photo:
And some lumpia:
There was also some nilaga with loads of baby bok choy, carrots and potatoes, but we devoured it before any photos could be taken. This was all foods on Sunday, which coincidentally, I shared with Mother's Day. Hurray!

And here was the break time snack for K and I while we snuck out to go shopping, err window shopping.
Kristine got the pomegranate flavored yogurt while I got the new chocolate one and both with rice cakes...mmmm....sooo good and refreshing!

The night before, we went to a pretty cool whiskey bar called 7 Grand in Downtown L.A. for drinks and ended up eating these:A taco truck strategically placed just steps from the entrance/exit of the bar? Yes please! (p.s. I was really craving bacon wrapped hot dogs, but that was at the end of the block the other way...no dice)

There were some peeps that couldn't make it to Downtown, so repeat the following Wednesday and I had not one, but TWO of these:
"Thank you Bar Food, not only for your fine Irish Whiskey, but for delicious delights that help absorb it." (I think I'm starting a whiskey trend that I only follow.)

Oh and did you think I ended without a cake for my bday? Think again. The little sister bought me a whole plethora of highly concentrated dairy eats from Whole Foods... Mass lactaid pills were present before consuming these babies:
Check out my excitement! Even the father in the background had a taste.
I had a small piece out of every single cheesecake, plus an even bigger slice of the fruit tart with all that cream and didn't get sick thanks to all those pills...mmm...Win Ethel!

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  1. What a great food filled birthday! I'm with you on the whiskey trend - just Jameson on ice for me...