Friday, May 7, 2010


Before heading to NYC a couple of weeks ago, I had a great dinner at my friend Rachel's place. I was really craving pizza, so I made the bold move of asking a cheese loving person if they would mind substituting regular cheese for a dairy-free, vegan cheese. Because she's such a great friend, always up to try new foods cuz she's a foodie, she was game for trying Daiya.

I picked this number up at the Whole Foods off Wilshire and 23rd.
Mmm...non dairy cheese! The star of the show.

Also at Whole Foods, I picked up whole wheat pizza dough. We rolled this flat to fit on her baking sheet and smothered it with Trader Joe's pizza sauce...

Rach sprinkling Daiya generously atop the pizza sauce....we didn't dare leave any red sauce part uncovered.
I thought that since we were going diary-free, vegan status on the cheese, why not have some bomb salami to go on top. Oh and the mushrooms were just cuz Rach and I love mushrooms...Oh the fungi, how we enjoy thee.
Baked at the go-to temp of 350 degrees for about 15-20 mins.

Good idea on the freshly baked corn off the cob Rach...pretty...
This of course went on top of our spinach, tomatoes, avocado salad combo to perfectly compliment our pizza slices..
And just like it says on the label, Daiya totally melted and stretched like real cheese! What say you about how this mozzarella "cheese" taste Rach? Totes good to me! =)

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  1. oooh.. the cheese looks beautifully stretchy. Go Vegans!!

    Is it lower in fat too?