Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bar Food

Great ambiance, great service, great whiskey, delicious foods. This is my new fave hot spot on the west side. I had heard of Bar Food in the past, but made an appearance only a month and a half ago for the first time for a friend's birthday. When asked where to have drinks for my bday this time around, I suggested the same place.

Drinks were in order:
Can't recall which actual number drink this was cuz I only took one photo, but it was Irish and it was good. No chaser! I know I started with a Tullamore Dew and I stuck to Irish, so I did my fair share of drinking..ahem...sampling.

And here were the eats...

Rachel ordered this one. Grilled cheese with tomato soup. Isn't that divine?
Thanks for letting me be a photog with your sammie Rach! Unfortunately, I did not use the flash, but look at how the real cheese melts and stretches...I miss you.

I had this one to split with Bianca:
We also shared sweet potato fries that came with a side of spicy mayo and boy were they AH-mazing!

Then when no one was looking I ordered another bar burger without cheese and my friend's bf tried to sneak a bite! Shame! But I knew better and kept that sucker tightly held in my clutches. Here's an up close and personal for you.
Yes, this was my own full second burger, but to be fair, I only had half of the first one. That bacon jam that it comes with tastes so good. Mmmm...I'm not gonna lie, I could have had a third. Oh and don't mind the extra squished ketchup and spicy mayo sauce containers on the side. Or the almost empty whiskey glass on the side. Pretty tasty meal to end the evening. Burger and Irish whiskey, what else can a brown girl ask for?

Sidenote: I have frequented Bar Food a multitude of times after said bday celebration, even during Happy Hour. Cool vibe and free hotdog with every HH drink. Not bad, ey? Oh and I have also tried their potato puffs with curry aioli sauce. Good as well, but I prefer the spicy mayo that accompanies the sweet potato fries. Just ask for it on the side, so delicious.

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