Monday, April 5, 2010

Eating Right Re-mix

I've been purchasing Eating Right single serve frozen meals sporadically in the past couple of years, mostly when they're on sale for only $2 a box. And to be honest, they're quite good. The only problem is, there's never enough of it to really satisfy my hunger. Sure they're good for snacks because they're only 280 calories, or maybe even a stretch at 350. But to be honest, while this is supposed to suggest how much one person should serve themselves, it's just not enough and I'm left feeling unsatisfied.

This time I had a plan. Take this box chicken teriyaki meal:
Place contents of box into a wok, then add a whole sliced up bell pepper (orange to be exact), additional already cooked chicken breast (maybe it was half a chicken breast, I can't be sure), "stir fry", and lookie here:

Serving size doubled in the flashiest of flashes! Result, a very satisfied customer.

Skip to tonight and I wanted to re-create this dish with tofu instead of chicken to help exercise the self control, a.ka. operation moderation. Mix a light soy sauce with brown sugar, taste to your liking. Then cube tofu and let marinate in the soy mixture.

Prep the veggies:

Bell peppers, water chestnuts, onion and green onions.

Toss the tofu in the wok with some crush garlic and grated ginger:
Throw in some crushed red pepper flakes for a bit of spice, then add the onions and stir fry until they become kinda clear. Mix in the rest of the veggies, plus some last minute baby bok choy:
Taste and add salt/pepper if necessary. This wasn't too shabby, but in the future, I may need to add that chicken and rice for added texture variety in my mouth. But, not bad for a veggie meal.

Such pretty colors, right? Do I think this counted as a single serving size according to Eating Right? Um, let's just say that this may have fed a small village in the PI if you threw some rice up in there. The plus side, I didn't finish it all, so I have leftover eats for lunch. =)


  1. Beautiful colors. I think that I heard somewhere that more colors in food suggests a healthier meal?

  2. hahaha, it shall be ready sir, in the flashiest of flashes :)