Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coachella-ella-ella Eats

Apologies for being mia for a bit. Just wanted to share that Coachella was AWESOME! RIDIC! And pretty much EPIC!

Update: those tickets were fakies. Karma's a b!tch, so person who sold me those tix, watch out playa... Fortunately, in the end, I ended up purchasing one more ticket (a real one) and Kristine and Nick snuck in stealthily.

Long story short, we pretty much slept every night at about 4a and had these eats...

The ever famous lumpias (photo not taken so re-using the old one):

And a new fave, Mi goreng instant noodles. Better than your typical ramen.
So it's not a photo of the finished product, but that's because we couldn't be bothered to take photos in the wee hours of the night before devouring our eats. To share how bomb these were, I'd like to mention that these noodles came in a box of 40 and by the end, only 4 were packets were left over. A few of us also learned that maybe eating 2 packets in one sitting does not bode well in the tummy at 4 in the A.M.

There were some healthy meals in addition to aforementioned above and the copious amounts of alcohol consumed (maybe before noon, then after and then in the early am). It was Coachella!

Thanks to Lucy's fine cooking, she made us a frittata:
Lucy was so kind as to not put cheese on one side of the frittata for the lactose intolerant one. Thanks LJ. The other part of the compartment plate, open face avocado mashed up with tomato slices seasoned with a bit of s&p. And for a breakfast dessert, tangerines and banana. Mmm...
(p.s. I am aware that I used a styrofoam plate, no eco-friendly whatsoever...I'll make it up next time)

Vampire Weekend


An appearance by Beyonce...Love her!

Muse light show! AWESOME!

My friend Rommel created a concoction of s&p, honey mustard and I think chopped onion to marinate chicken tenders he put on the grill. I cut up the chicken and put it in this lovely salad:
Pretty bright photo huh? Thanks new Sony camera! This was quite delicious. The one true healthy meal during my time in the desert.

And this is how our Coachella eats ended:
In and Out baby! Mmmm...with extra special sauce = deliciousness.

These photos don't do my weekend justice, but they're a little taste, a glimmer per se, of how epic the music festival was. Anyone down for next year?

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  1. seriously... getting food envy over here! I want In N Out with extra special sauce, french fries, and the avocado open faced sandwich.

    Here's one thing I can say though - I've had the fresh mie goreng. Did you know that it's Indonesian? Every time we ate it in Bali I'd tell Eric that you and Kristine introduced me to the ramen. The flavors are the same, but they'd stir fry it up with veggies, meat, and top it with a big shrimp cracker.