Thursday, April 8, 2010

Check out my Un-vegan Vegan Meal

Just to preface, this was a previously made meal several nights ago. I wanted to post something new tonight, but like the curly fries incident, today, I had a Girl Scout's Samoa cookie. This was the only thing out of the ordinary for my meal today, cuz everything was leftovers from last night, so I deduced it was the cookie's fault. My stomach was not happy with me again today, and with my luck, the pains were pretty severe while I was still at work. So with my luck, I curled up into a fetal position, after consuming some pepto and after several hours, I got the strength to make miso soup with extra tofu again. I shall post those pathetic pictures later. For now, here are some good eats!

I normally have a stock of random soups in the cupboard for days when I'm too lazy to make anything while lacking the funds to go get take out. I've seen this trend with Elise as well and so I thought of her when I was at TJ's the other day.

My vegan purchase:
I was quite proud that I purchased organic, but didn't actually realize that this was vegan until it was time to pull it out of the cupboards for a trial run. I didn't really mind, but I was rather hungry that night and decided it would be best to add extra goodies.

A chicken breast was pan seared with my faves; crushed garlic, s&p, cayenne pepper and paprika. Then I cut it up into chunks and threw it in the split pea soup pot. Delicata squash and kamote chunks also made appearances and this doubled the serving size to 2!
Pretty genius, huh? This photo does not do this dish justice. It was beautiful and chunkified.

For color in my plating, I sliced up an orange bell pepper and used them as a dipping device.
Impressed? I think you should be. It wasn't so much soup at this point, but it accomplished the goal of being very satisfying. I bet you can even use this combo of eats as an appetizer for party since it's so chunky and colorful. Way to use that noggin to increase the serving size amount, right?

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  1. well done. now go in the backyard and bury that box of samoas. ok?