Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comfort in an old friend

Today, I did a bad thing.

I ate a handful of Jack in the Box seasoned curly fries. My boss had some for lunch, and since I had just finished my lunch about an hour or so beforehand, it was nearing snack time and they became the go-to snack. Bad Ethel! Curly fries are a no no. A few hours later, on my way home, the estomago was no bueno. All I wanted to do was be in a fetal position in bed and make the pain stop.

I thought, "Oh no, what am I gonna to eat for dinner now?"

Seriously, who thinks about their next meal while their stomach is in severe agonizing pain? Um, this girl. So while I was driving, I made up my mind to eat something sorta bland that evening, maybe incorporate my leftover tofu. As I got closer to home, I pulled into this Japanese market nearby to pick up miso soup mix and udon noodles. I recall a few years ago when I came back from snowboarding all black and blue with bruises and my best friend at the time made this delicious udon noodles soup with baby bok choy and chicken. The combo of the warmth of the soup and the fact that it was made just for me, felt so comforting that I decided that dish would make my stomach feel better.

I purchased a side of Pepto along with my miso and udon mixes.

White miso soup mix:
The clerk told me that the white kind was the most popular. Only $3.19 for a 3 pack.

Basically, this mix only requirement was boiling water. I decided to be more adventurous and add 1/4 block of my leftover tofu while the water was boiling, then added the miso mix.
Would you like some miso soup with your tofu? Lol. A little too much tofu you think? Me thinks not!

After I had my appetizer, I decided my stomach can handle more foods. Unfortunately, I don't think it wanted more soupy products, so I decided to alter my udon noodles concoction. Here's the mix I bought:
This mix only required boiling water as well. You throw the udon in the pot of boiling water, let boil for 2 min, then right before turning off the burner, you add the seasoning mix. Thank goodness we had baby bok choy left.
I added this into the pot after the seasoning mix, but kept it boiling for a bit longer to allow the bok choy and udon to soak up the flavor. A minute or two later, I drained the liquid and took out about half the udon noodles.
The rest of the contents, I put in a different bowl and put chunks of chicken breast pieces I took from my mama's baked chicken. Garnished with some green onions...and perfection!
It was nice that this had just a hint of the udon mix season. My stomach was pleasantly surprised. My mama even tried some and she really enjoyed it. She even made fun of me as I ate because the crunch from my baby bok choy was so loud it sounded like I was eating chips. I think that's a compliment to the fact that I don't massacre my veggies. This was totally the comfort food my stomach needed. Such a horror it went through after the curly fries consumption. Sorry stomach, I hope to avoid such fried eats in the future.


  1. i wish they served miso soup with your portion of tofu at restaurants! i think i would just order that then...mmm...

    poor ate. no more jack in the crack ok? operation get-hot-for-wedding back on track!!

  2. nice recovery from the curly fries...
    Gotta be honest though - you're poor tummy's still not curbing my craving for the 2 tacos for 99 cents deal and an order of curly chili cheese fries.