Monday, February 1, 2010

What's E-40's favorite cheese?


I had dinner with my friend Rachel one night and instead of cooking, we decided to take a friend of ours' approach and Whole Foods it up. Like always the case, I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs when we filled up our to-go boxes full of food from the hot bar. Before leaving, we decided it would be nice to have appetizers before our gigantic meals and perused the cheese section.

(Note: I have found it weird that when I first developed my intolerance for lactose, I didn't mind not eating so much dairy products as the Filipino diet that I was accustomed to rarely consisted or any dairy by-products. But, as I befriended more people that expressed strong passion for the glucose and galactose product, I too developed a taste for it.)

Back to the cheese section...

Rach is a pretty big cheese fan, so I entrusted her with the decision of what kind to purchase. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), WF has a plethora cheeses and this proved be quite a dilemma. Insert "behind-the-counter-cheese-guy". He cones to our rescue and we ask him what his favorite cheese is. He then points us to the Gouda on sale...My kind of guy. We are the kind of girls who appreciate sales. He asked us if we wanted to try it first and you don't dare deny free. The flavor was of a slightly salty taste with a bit of bite. This was called, Unie Kaas Robusto. Originally this bad boy was something like $18.99/lb, but today, well, it was only $9.99/lb. So without further adieu, off we went to enjoy our newly purchased cheese, french bread to accompany it, and our hot bar foods. It was the perfect combo to our WF meals and we were both left full and very satisfied.

Fast forward to the next night, I took the rest of the gouda home with me and I may or may not have a problem with laziness or a possible obsession with the cheese.

Here's what my next two nights of dinner consisted of:

Night 1: Gouda - for its deliciousness, salami - for the saltiness, bread - to neutralize the cheese and salami, and tomatoes - for the pure fact of having something of the fruits/veggie family on my plate

For Night 2:

Gouda and an appearance of extra sharp cheddar with salami, then edamame and corn as my "veggie" side dish. (Thanks to your tupperware eats E!)

Moral of the story, put laziness and lack of self control together and Ethel can make a meal with cheese as the main superstar. (But that's not something to strive for, right?)

Finally, I close with a confession...I did manage to have self control and saved a small piece of this gouda to savor until I wrote this post. Unfortunately, I really don't care that I'm lactose intolerant, so I'm eating the gouda without taking a lactaid pill...hehe...Don't worry, no one else is here. =D

p.s. I blame Ate P and Ate B, Kristine, Sandra and Rachel for my love of cheese despite the internal pain it causes...literally!


  1. when your down and low (on chedda-pun intended), queso is always the way to go.

  2. im ALL about the snack plates...although usually mine are sans queso haha. cant wait to have wf dates with vegan cheese and wine from my fam's vineyard...dang, can i move to so cal already. ok so yeah, im totes proud of the tupperware action, and the edamame/corn combo is SUCH a winner. you should try spritzing it with a bit of bragg's liquid aminos (i think you can find it in WF in the cooking section with vinegars, cooking wines and stuff)...oh and as for what camera i use, its a canon powershot SD1100 IS (because i cant say no a maria sharapova ad), haha. besos ate

  3. mmm cheese! don't blame me Ethel, blame the delicious cheese! and Elise we'll get you the vegan cheese and we'll have a wine and cheese night next time you are here!!

    PS- i may have had cheese in my dinner tonight haha