Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not your typical Filipino breakfast

I had a glorious weekend in San Francisco this past weekend! To my surprise, my sister is doing quite well and she impressed me with her cooking. Like her, breakfast has now become a favorite meal of the day, besides happy hour of course...hehe...(that's another story).

Our beautiful Saturday started off with a run towards the AT&T ball park. (Kristine lives a mere mile or so south of it.) Such a great run! We ended up stopping and stretching our legs at this little place:

What an amazing looking stadium! It's one of my faves. I've witnessed many a games here and I absolutely adore the location and view! We stopped to stretched and just take in the view for a bit before heading to Safeway to gather a few goodies for breakfast.

Sidenote: On our way back we indulged in the sweet sweet sounds of Phoenix, the Wolfgang Amadeus album, with the use of K's ipizzle. I highly recommend this album. Talagang masanting ya! Kapampangan for, "It's really good!" Confession: There may have been some skipping on the way back...hehe

The ingredients for breakfast consisted of toasted sliced bread, asparagus, grape tomatoes, avocado mashed up, bacon and my first Kristine made poached eggs. All I did was slice up bread to toast and then spread the avocado on these babies. The rest was performed by the little Sale. I was so proud. She lightly seared the asparagus with a bit of s&p, then threw in the tomatoes while cooking the bacon. Then at the end, I witnessed the poaching of the eggs. This will completely change the way I eat breakfast at home. I think frying of the eggs over-easy will be a thing of the past! JK, I love love fried eggs (and spam)! I just won't have them as often since poached eggs have entered my life. So anywho, here's the beautifully prepared breakfast that the little one prepared for her Ate (big sister in Tagalog).

Well done Kristine! Muy delicioso!

Best part about poached eggs...the runny yolk...mmm....Who's with me?


  1. what can i say? my past time activities include brunch and happy hour with side of tantalizing tunes. nuff said.

  2. hi kristine!!! haha

    i think the best part about the breks was the avo....avocado is sensational.
    breakfast is my least fave meal...happy hour does rank high for me too ;)

  3. Ha ha! I have to agree - breakfast and happy hour are definitely the best meals. What a great presentation - beautifully poached eggs, perfectly crisped bacon, and great colors..