Friday, January 22, 2010

Mirabelle's on Sunset

A couple of Fridays ago, I was invited for drinks for a friend's birthday. I had my reservations about heading out to the Sunset Strip because...

A) I don't frequent it due to mass amounts of traffic getting since you can only take side streets (I know I should be used to it since it's L.A. but I can still complain!)

B) I always feel like you have to get super dressed up or put in tons of effort to look as if it just took you a few minutes to get ready since it IS the SUNSET STRIP

and C) the drinks are mucho expensivo!

So after overcoming aforementioned reasons, I put on a dress, a thick black belt and my black boots as an attempt to look put together. The drive wasn't too bad, but as soon as I hit La Brea, I started getting that nervous anxious feeling because I didn't want to be THAT driver who drives ever so slowly on Sunset because they're a tourist and trying to take in all the sites...oh no, I was not gonna be THAT girl. I had google mapped it beforehand, but as I got closer to the cross street, I have to admit, I did slooow my pace.

Upon arriving, I found my way to the bar area and surveyed the room for my friends. No one recognizable, so off I went to the bar area to send my text that I was there and to not look like a loser standing in the middle of a bar all by my lonesome with a dumb, perplexed expression. Immediately after taking a seat, the bartender asked if I wanted a drink...great customer service on her part. I kindly refused and said that I was waiting for a party to arrive. She then called the Host over and he asked who I was waiting for. With no names mentioned, I was graciously directed to my friend's table, all seated right behind me...THE WHOLE TIME! I had a "duh" moment and then immediately dismissed it when a glass of vino was poured for my drinking pleasure. =D

And here was the first taste of deliciousness that night:

The service was impeccable! My water was constantly being refilled and my plate with my empty lobster/prawns/oyster shells were constantly being switched out for a brand new one when there was nearly zero part of the plate to add food to. AH-mazing! Thank goodness I brought mass amounts of Lactaid pills cuz the next thing they brought out consisted of a large amount of cheesy goodness. One dish was this amazingly delicious cheese from Greece that was pan seared and then a flame thrown on the sizzling platter. The second was this dish with giant prawns with feta good!

But here's where it got interesting...the desserts looked like little bits of heaven. At this point, I had to remove my chunky black belt to make room for the sweets and to be honest, it started to feel like bondage, so I ditched the sucker. Bring on the desserts!

crème brulée

chocolate soufflé

and pie à la mode

All were unbelievable, but my fave had to be the soufflé. Every bite was pure deliciousness...mmm...the perfect spoonful consisted of the soufflé with a bit of vanilla ice cream, doused with chocolate syrup. Pure ecstasy in yo mouth!

Thanks to the wonderful servers at Mirabelle and my fabulous friend Bianca for such a wonderful dining experience! (and getting the tab taken care of a la el boss wasn't too shabby either *wink*) A satisfied customer may be coming back real soon...hehe...Happy Birthday B!

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