Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Filipino Torta

I’m not sure if this is really the definition of a Filipino torta, but it’s what I’ve been calling it for as long as I remember my mom making the concoction of the giniling babi (Kapampangan for ground pork, which my mom made with potatoes and some bell peppers) all mixed in a scrambled egg. We called this a torta. If it’s not called that, well I’m still calling it a torta. So I was running a bit late this morning and I ask my mom to make me one like hers since hers looked so appetizing for breakfast. Sadly, we ran out of Jufran (this sweet Filipino banana ketchup), so I settled for the organic ketchup from Trader Joe’s instead. I packed this torta on top of white rice with the ketchup on the side. This is what I took with me to work cuz I didn’t have time to eat it for breakfast at home.

Looks more like a tortilla española, huh? Except... it's filled with pork deliciousness!


  1. How timely. I was just thinking about making a torta tonight

  2. mmm... I think I'm going to make a torta tonight. This makes me miss our Thursday night dinners.

  3. it totally looks like tortilla espanola! yum!