Sunday, January 24, 2010

Manna hoses you down!

Last Wednesday, we celebrated a friend's bday at this outdoor Korean bbq place in K-town. The week had already been quite a wet one for southern cali, but I am not one to turn down "all you can eat meat," so off I ventured to Manna Korean BBQ. I had been here before, but never like the experience I had that night. I guess they're pretty well known for bringing champagne out for the birthday celebrants with ridiculously loud bday music playing in the background. It was a pretty spectacular production.

All the "condiments" were placed at the table in mini plates. (Sadly the plates were round, not squared.)

We were then asked what kind of meats we wanted from the "all you can eat" selection. I think we were all in agreement, "All of the above please." Two grills, not one, were turned on for us in order to efficiently produce copious amounts of meat for our party of 8. Hite beer was served all around while we waited semi patiently for the meat to cook. Once a piece of meat was cooked, it was served and consumed immediately.

Ok, so the above photo doesn't show cooked meat, but lemme tell you, it smelled glorious! Marinated beef, pork and chicken all combined together, making your mouth water. Confession, probably not the most sanitary of ways to cook all those meat products due to cross contamination of salmonella and such, but it's over an "open" flame so bacteria is being burned on the spot, right? "Right!" says the science major who studied gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. *wink* Nonetheless, all tasted delicious!

After consumption of not one, not two, but 3 rounds of "all you can eat" meat platters for 8, I gracefully excused myself to the restroom...Not to do number 2!!! I had to check to see if I had beef in between my teeth in the mirror! Upon exiting the restroom, I was asked by the server if it was time for the champagne, I said, "Yes, please." The LOUD birthday music came on and servers were then with their prospective tables equipped with a couple of high class champagne bottles, a little something called André. The champagne is then popped, shaken (not stirred) and our birthday celebrant was then approached by our server and he freaking got HOSED like a thirteen year old girl in R.Kelly's rap videos (or home movies). Our birthday boy was drenched in André from head to toe. Luckily it was only his work clothes, so nothing too fancy, ya know? Sadly, I have no photos of the drenched birthday boy, but I'm sure you get the picture. Good times Manna. I will make it a point to say no if anyone ever suggests we celebrate my birthday there. Thank you for the heads up. :) But, No thank you.

Tips when going out for Korean BBQ:
  1. Make sure the meal prior to having your KBBQ meal is a small one, or better yet, just don't eat beforehand.
  2. Wear loose fitting clothing, you know the ones where you have room to "expand"
  3. Lastly, try to keep one of the cooking tongs at all times, so you can have free range to pick and choose the meat you desire. It's just better when you're in control, right?

p.s. I was sooo full when I got home later that night, that going to bed was just not an option. So what is a girl to do to pass the time? I painted my nails! It took over 2 hours to paint this little number on both my hands and feet. Long much? I know, but I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Elise, this is for you. Look beyond my beautifully painted "electric blue" nails and check out that brown-ness of a leg behind it. This is me in the "winter" time during the rainy days of L.A. Are you ready for me in August?


  1. Another "all you can eat" tip from Mommy Maria:
    - Don't eat too much rice, noodles, or any other carb.. that way you don't get full too fast on filler foods...

  2. wow...lidia sent this to me and i didn't know who has written it. This is a really cool post. Food critic quality stuff. I love that place. We've go there maybe once every 6 months...that's how much time we need to want it again, since you leave so full. Let us know when you are going again.


  3. i'll try to make any future comments typo free.... ;)