Friday, July 23, 2010

Sinigang Baboy

In Tagalog, you say baboy (bah-boy) for pig or pork and in Kapampangan, you say babi (bah-bee). I've made this before with shrimp, but I think pork is my favorite! There may be a bit of a variation in how I made it last time, but I think it's just based on preference and what you choose to put inside. Either method works well as long as the yield is a delicious soury sinigang sabaw (soup).
Don't forget your sour mix.
Veggies in the mixity mix.
I think the only newcomer is the long white root plant that my mama calls labanos. I believe this root plant is related to the radish family. Pretty good in the soup.
Look at these pretty medallion pieces I cut up of the labanos. I only used half of it cuz it was pretty larger and in charger.

Place pork in a large pot and fill with water. Add the sour mix with pepper, onion and tomato and boil until pork becomes tender.
I've resorted to seasoning/salting with patis or fish sauce. Don't be afraid of it. It can be a bit stinky, but it just gives off a different saltiness flavor as compared to using table salt.
Then when pork is tender and desired flavor is attained, add your veggies and serve hot with steamed white rice. Deeelicious!

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  1. Your veggies look so good, especially the eggplant and bokchoy. That sounds really good right about now.